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Menopause support and resources for women in all phases of The Change

Nutrition Strategies

to make lifestyle changes that help women live healthy and happy lives at any age

Weight Loss

Discover new healthy lifestyle which doesn’t feel hard to maintain, but is a fun and nourishing way to live.

Hormonal Balance

By making healthy improvements to your diet you can improve the health of your hormones.


Feel comfortable and confident in your body again

Happy Healthy Hormones

Health, Wellness, and Nutrition support for women making the transition naturally and holistically.

Speaking Engagements

Educating Women who want to improve their hormonal health

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The Hot Flash Blog. Making Menopause Magical

Eat Good. Feel Good.

Food is an incredibly helpful tool when dealing with hormone imbalances.

A natural way of improving your health.

Hormonal Balance for a Healthy and Carefree Life.

Enhancing the personal healing experience.

A Whole New Way to Look at Food.

Recipes Loaded with Superfoods.

Feel Great Again

You Can Flourish in All Stages of Menopause.

Get Your Happy Back.

Embrace and Celebrate.

Shine in Confidence.

Feel Like Yourself Again.

Claim More Energy.

Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Fresh Wholesome Food for Everyday Living.

Foods High in Antioxidants.

A Whole New Way to Look at Nutrients.

Recipes Loaded with Nature's Goodness.

Take Back Control over Your Food.

Train Yourself to Love Food Again.

Feed Your Body Healthy

Food that Balances and Restores Your Body's Own Hormones

A Happy + Healthy Gut.

Bye Bye Belly Bloat.

Hello Energy.

Lose Weight Effortlessly.

Optimize Your Hormones.

The Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You - Naturally!

Sleep Like a Baby Once Again.

Restore Gut Health.

Blood Sugar Balanced.

Retrain Your Adrenals.

Boost Your Sex Drive.

Eat Your Way to Hormone Health

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