Cool Gifts for the “HOT” Women in Your Life!

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Cool Gifts for the “HOT” Women in Your Life!

Menopause. It can be magical….I guide and support women every day to believe it and live it.

I also know that the number one complaint from women during this natural transition of life are the HOT FLASHES and/or NIGHT SWEATS they are experiencing.  The cause of hot flashes isn’t known, but it’s likely related to several factors. These include changes in reproductive hormones and in your body’s thermostat (hypothalamus), which becomes more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature.  Nighttime hot flashes (night sweats) can wake you from sleep and, over time, can cause chronic insomnia.   For most women, following some simple lifestyle changes could actually reduce or even eliminate these often debilitating waves of  demon heat….but could take a bit of time and effort. (I offer wonderful holistic options in my book: The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!)   In the meantime I’ve been researching some of the best holistic methods to help my magical ladies stay cool while they make those lifestyle changes.   Here are some of my top picks, which would make the most awesome holiday gifts!

The Perfect Gifts to Make Menopause Magical!


Hot Girls Pearls! Hot Girls Pearls cooling jewelry are the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. Their patented light-weight pearls are filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. You can wear them at work, or for an evening out. They even come with an insulated freezer bag to keep them cool on the go! They offer free shipping too! Use Code: LORRAINEMIANO to receive 10% off!



Koldtec has created Wearable Cooling Gear that is stylish and really works! Their patented FlexIce keeps you 5X colder than an ordinary ‘wet’ cooling towel. Why cool with water when you can have the deep freeze of real ice? Up to 2 hours of continuous cooling with your 2 FlexIce strips! So many colors to choose from too!

Embr Labs Based on years of scientific research, the Wave Bracelet is the first wearable device that makes temperature personal. It activates your thermal senses, connected to your perception of temperature, with cooling and warming sensations. Their patented algorithm delivers dynamic sensations in waves, keeping your thermal senses active for consistent relief.

Bedjet: This is no simple bedroom fan or electric blanket. It’s a Bluetooth enabled, microprocessor controlled, air driven climate control machine born just for your bed. It’s the world’s most powerful climate comfort sleep technology just for beds!

ChiliSleep: I love their motto: “NEVER WAKE UP HOT AGAIN!”

Their cooling sleep systems actively manage the body’s temperature to help deliver magical deep sleep. And you know I love MAGIC!  The results begin the first night. From the moment you find your perfect sleeping temperature, they’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifetime of better sleep.



The Woolroom: Another great motto for a FANTASTIC product! “This is what happy feels like!”

Sleep better, naturally. The Woolroom is a natural bedding company that offers a range of ethically sourced wool products that work with your body instead of against it and are extremely effective for women at all different stages of menopause. Wool helps you stay at a stable temperature all night long, naturally absorbing moisture and releasing it back into the air. This reduces the effects of hot flashes in an effective way, creating a significantly better sleep for menopausal women. My husband and I have been sleeping with these products for several months now and we LOVE THEM!!  You will too!

I even wrote a blog specifically about The Woolroom!



Perfect Linens: Perspiring, damp or clammy skin? Night sweats? Cooling sheets ventilate moisture and help you stay dry even in humid climates. Now buy sheets from experts.

CoolRevolution™ sleepwear is designed to help women (especially those going through menopause) get a more comfortable night’s sleep. The silky, soft fabric wicks away sweat, dries quickly, keeps you warm in the cold and cool in heat. Use Code: MENOMARKET to receive FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $80.



Femmenessence might just be the most perfect gift you’ll ever receive!  This is THE premium Women’s Health & Hormone Balance Nutraceutical.  MacaLife for Perimenopause has the highest success rate in published clinical trials of any perimenopausal herbal supplement in the world and is the only one to demonstrate statistically significant effects on hormones. MacaPause for Post Menopausal is formulated with Maca-GO®. This is the sole ingredient in Femmenessence MacaPause® and is a proprietary combination of the different phenotypes of the herb maca (Lepidium peruvianum) specifically for hormone balance in women.  I personally take the MacaPause and have found increased energy and libido. Other women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats have shared that these annoying and sometimes debilitating symptoms have disappeared as well! PLUS they have a fabulous medical team on staff to help with ANY questions you may have! This could be the MAGIC you’ve been waiting for! *Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any supplementation.


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As a health & hormone coach, I’m constantly researching the best holistic products for my Magical Ladies! Please check back often for your best & Magical Menopause.

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