Magical Gifts Especially for Moms

Magical Gifts Especially for Moms

This will certainly be a different sort of Mother’s Day this year.

During these unusual days of social distancing, the hardest part for me has been not being able to physically see my children and grandchildren. Those Zoom calls have helped, but I can’t wait until I can hug each and every one of them again! As well, I’ve not been able to visit with my own Mom and Dad, other than a few short words from outside their home while delivering food.

Fortunately there are still great ways for us to celebrate our awesome Moms, such as using local companies that do Yard Cards, or having family members do “drive by” celebrations in their cars.  Zoom is a great way to get family together for an online party as well. Of course flower and candy deliveries will be hopping too!

I thought I’d share some other wonderful (even Magical!) gifts you can send your well deserving Mom on her special day! These gifts would be wonderful for ANY Mom, although your menopausal Mom will GREATLY appreciate them! You may even find something for yourself! (tell your kids or hubby!)

So here we go!

For the Mom who loves classy jewelry, and also may be experiencing hot flashes , Hot Girls Pearls are the perfect accessory!  This cooling jewelry is the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. Their patented light-weight pearls are filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. You can wear them at work, or for an evening out.  You can even design your own! They even come with an insulated freezer bag to keep them cool on the go! They offer free shipping too! Use Code: LORRAINEMIANO to receive 10% off!

No need to sweat or experience hot flashes while working out! Koldtec has got your Mom covered in a fabulous cooling scarf! Their patented FlexIce keeps you 5X colder than an ordinary ‘wet’ cooling towel. Why cool with water when you can have the deep freeze of real ice? Up to 2 hours of continuous cooling with your 2 FlexIce strips! So many colors to choose from too!

Koldtec also recently added the Headache Halo to their fabulous line! Great for when one of those migraines flares up!

The really cool thing?? Koldtec is currently offering $5 off any Halo purchase!


Speaking of HOT, here are two great gifts that will send your Mom into heavenly cool bliss!  Embr Labs  is the perfect choice! Based on years of scientific research, the Wave Bracelet is the first wearable device that makes temperature personal. It activates your thermal senses, connected to your perception of temperature, with cooling and warming sensations. Their patented algorithm delivers dynamic sensations in waves, keeping your thermal senses active for consistent relief.

They are currently offering a Mother’s Day sale of $70 off!

Also offering heavenly cool bliss is the Bedjet!

This is no simple bedroom fan or electric blanket. It’s a bluetooth enabled, microprocessor controlled, air driven climate control machine born just for your bed!

Bedjet is currently running a Mother’s Day Sale with up to 35% off plus additional Promos!

What is better than cooling Pj’s and Linens to compliment that Bedjet?

CoolRevolution™ sleepwear is designed to help women (especially those going through menopause) get a more comfortable night’s sleep. The silky, soft fabric wicks away sweat, dries quickly, keeps you warm in the cold and cool in heat.

Use Code: MENOMARKET to receive FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $80.



You’ve got your cooling pj’s, how about some cooling sheets to slip into?

Perfect Linens is just what you need! Perspiring, damp or clammy skin? Night sweats? Cooling sheets ventilate moisture and help you stay dry even in humid climates. Now buy sheets from the experts.

Ahhhhhh…..a soothing cup of fabulous herbal tea is the perfect self indulgence before bedtime. So many available to help with menopause symptoms, from hot flashes to stress and anxiety and Buddha Teas has got them all! Create a basket of bliss for your Mom…or You!


Pamper your Mom with these fabulous organic skincare lines. Did you know that many products on the market can actually contribute to peri/menopausal symptoms? Switching to beauty and skincare that is clean and organic is not only good for your skin, but for your overall health as well. Here are a few of my absolute favorites! I’ve been using them for years! At 62 years old, my skin has never looked or felt better!

Vapour Organic Beauty: Experience your best skin with Vapour’s innovative cosmetics and targeted skincare. Their signature Lit From Within Glow will give you a look and feel of healthy radiance. Their high-performance formulas blend exceptionally pure organic ingredients with Fine Art Infused Color. Award-winning and cult-worthy, Vapour has a global following among beauty insiders.

I love their Lip Nectar !  So many fabulous  organic skin and beauty items to choose from! They offer FREE Shipping on orders over $75.


Sunshine Botanicals is another favorite! As practicing herbalists, they understand the healing power of nature. Their products are “micro-brewed” in small batches to ensure freshness and potency, and all of their herbal tinctures are made by hand. Check out their award-winning Pumpkin Peel (one of my favorites!) A natural Vitamin A skin peel treatment that provides a healthy alternative to chemical skin peels to effectively treat the signs of aging, sun damage, and congested skin. Sunshine Botanicals is offering FREE shipping on orders over $50, plus 15% off for new customers.



GoPure Beauty is a revolutionary skin care line developed with one goal in mind – exceptional skin care based on the most potent active ingredients and botanical extracts.

GoPure is focused on bringing the most high quality skin care products at the lowest possible price. Their mission is to improve the lives of women by developing effective and safe beauty products and delivering them for the lowest price possible.  They are currently offering $10 Off on their website

For the Mom who would love a holistic approach to navigating what could be the absolute best years of her life, I’ve written a book especially for them: (It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!

NY Times Best Selling author Sophie Uliano had this to say about the book:

“What a fun, refreshing, and joyful take on a time of life that most of us dread. This little gem of a book is peppered with information, tips, and inspiration for any woman who is going through big hormonal changes”  Your Mom will LOVE it!


Essential oils are the perfect way to holistically address the symptoms of menopause. Moodfumes has created a Women’s Health Essential Oil Blend especially for my Magical Ladies! It’s called Get Your Happy Back! and includes 11 essential oils which are relaxation inducing, stress reducing, hormone balancing and happiness promoting! Get Your Happy Back is available in a roller blend, or pure essential oil blend to use for diffusing, inhaling or to mix with your favorite carrier oil. Currently 20% off! Get yours here: Get Your Happy Back!

Check out even more fabulous & fun gifts for Mom created by Moodfumes! Smell good & Feel Good!


For even more Magical Gifts, check out my Menopause Market.

Happy Mother’s Day!! Sending you all virtual hugs!

Cheers & Love! XO


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