Spread More Living onto Everyday Life

When I was asked recently if I’d like to read and review Heidi Herman’s recently released new book, ON WITH THE BUTTER! Spread More Living onto Everyday Life, I wholeheartedly agreed. If I lived near Heidi Herman, I’m sure we would be great friends, enjoying doing “all the things” together!  Her philosophy of “Spread more Living onto Everyday Life” matches my own. I truly live with daily FOMO (Fear of missing out). Having trips, experiences, activities planned and on my horizon is what really gets me excited about living my life to its absolute fullest!  As a health coach and advocate for menopause, I am always encouraging women to embrace this time of their lives. This is the perfect time to pursue new passions and purpose, to tick off the things on our “bucket lists”, to embrace our new beginning!

Heidi’s wonderful book, ON WITH THE BUTTER! is the perfect prescription for women (or men!) to continue to live life with purpose, passion and gusto! The term, “On with the butter” is an old Icelandic expression (Áfram með Smjörið) that means “carry on”, “keep doing what you’re doing”, “forge ahead” or “keep moving”.  This book is filled with ideas on just exactly how to do that. Each of the 15 chapters has a theme filled with suggestions, Heidi’s own personal stories including her own Icelandic heritage, as well as a quick check list of activities to inspire you. It is the perfect pocket guide to keep with you at all times.

I thoroughly enjoyed Heidi’s book, and especially all of the stories about her Mom which she shares throughout. Ieda Herman, who grew up in Iceland, was an amazing woman who raised her family to embrace all that life has to offer and to never stop living….no matter how old you may be.  Ieda actually set out on a mission to find ninety-three things she had never done before and try them all between her 93rd  and 94th birthdays. Guess what? She did it! Some of those things were ice climbing, driving a four-wheeler, and hover boarding! Heidi refers to Ieda as a “life adventurer” who instilled a “vitality and continual zest” for living in Heidi and her 9 siblings…and now fortunately for us, Heidi has shared it with us as well.

You can purchase Heidi’s book here: ON WITH THE BUTTER!

Now get out there and make it happen!


Cheers & Love! XO