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Post Menopausal Zest! Why You Should Be Embracing It!

Post Menopausal Zest! Why You Should Be Embracing It!

So, what exactly is post-menopausal zest? It is the burst of energy that some women feel after menopause… both physical and psychological. It is almost like a wake-up call. A woman may ask herself, “Where do I go from here? What fun lies ahead for me? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”

For many of us, our post-menopause could be at least a third and up to half of our lifetime. That leaves plenty of space to fulfill passions, creative endeavors, traveling, spending time with the people who mean the most to us, or even the possibility of leaving a significant footprint on this swirling ball of magical life called Earth.

It’s all a matter of perspective, really. Some women may read that quote and think, “I don’t think so. Menopause has been absolutely awful for me. These have been the worst years of my life”.

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