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Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts for the Menopausal Mom!

Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts for the Menopausal Mom!

It’s that time of year when we show our Mom’s just how much we love and appreciate them!

These Magical gifts will have your menopausal Mom jumping with joy!

Moms, share this with your family! (Wink wink)

I have curated my Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts for any Mom who may be experiencing symptoms from hot flashes to dry skin, or Moms wanting a more healthy, stress free and happy life! These gifts may provide  younger beautiful skin, longevity, immunity, stress relief and even a fashion forward way to manage hot flashes! Give your Mom the gift of health!

So here we go!


Hot Flashes & Night Sweats BE GONE!

Hot Girls Pearls cooling jewelry is the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. Their patented light-weight pearls and chiclets are filled with a non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. Just store them in your freezer! They even come with their own insulated pouch to take on the go. You can wear them at work, or for an evening out. Great for hot flashes and hot days. I’m wearing their Chiclet bracelet here. There’s even a matching necklace!  USE CODE: LORRAINEMIANO for a 10% Discount


Your Mom may be at the end of her rope with trying to sleep better, or she may just want to optimize her health as much as she can. Many people who use a Sunlighten sauna regularly report that they have noticed a positive effect on their sleep. There are multiple other health benefits to infrared saunas as well:

  • Saunaing actually offers a real solution to getting your heart working without demanding physical strain. Be encouraged: the cardio benefits of infrared saunas are real and offer a valid and effective form of heart exercise.
  • Detoxification is one of infrared sauna’s most touted health benefits. Infrared saunas are proven to work better than regular saunas to remove numerous toxic elements that may be hiding in your body.
  • Infrared sauna therapy helps the body detoxify and increases circulation with such powerful positive effect that cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn says it would be a multibilliondollar drug if it were a pill. Infrared saunaing goes beyond soaking up some heat and detoxing. The health benefits include increased immunity and general wellness, relaxation and mental health, anti aging and skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery and temporary pain relief, as well as supporting a weight management program. 
  • A Sunlighten Sauna may just be the best health investment you could give your Mom (and your family!) ORDER THROUGH MY LINK, MENTION THE MAGIC OF MENOPAUSE PARTNER SAVINGS AND RECEIVE UP TO $600 OFF!


Based on years of scientific research, the Wave Bracelet is the first wearable device that makes temperature personal. It activates your thermal senses, connected to your perception of temperature, with cooling and warming sensations. Their patented algorithm delivers dynamic sensations in waves, keeping your thermal senses active for consistent relief.  Just press to cool or warm! Temperature relief is just a tap away! And look how beautiful it is! They are having a Mother’s Day Sale! $50 off Plus a Free Tote! 


Your Mom will LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

This may be the ONLY skincare she’ll ever need! One product for her face! One for her body! (but she can also use it with any other skincare products she may love… I do!)

The first skin longevity treatment that extends skin health on the molecular level to address aging from within. Formulated for areas of your skin that are most exposed to environmental damage, including your face, hands, and neck.

  •  Developed by longevity scientists
  •  Safe and clean
  •  For all skin types
  •  Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  •  Fragrance-Free

OneSkin is a longevity company. Their team is comprised of PhD-level aging experts. They’ve spent years in a lab creating the first topical skin supplement designed to extend your skinspan; the time your skin is healthy and youthful. And here you thought all supplements were pills.OS-01 is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier in addition to providing remarkable visual benefits.” For a Limited Time, buy a 50ml bottle of OS-01 FACE and receive a 15ml FREE!



I’m in LOVE! If you follow me, you know that I am a Clean & Green Skincare addict! Recently I was gifted this amazing facial oil from Ruvi Skin that I can’t live without. Your Mom will Love it too!
Wild harvested in the Amazonian jungles of Peru, the Bataua superfruit has been a Peruvian beauty secret for centuries.
The RUVI Glow Serum is a fast-absorbing antioxidant and polyphenol-rich oil-based face serum designed to be your daily morning and evening moisturizer. With 63 times more Vitamin E than avocado oil, this serum is nutrient-dense.


Why not give your Mom the gift of peace of mind? Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of women. Now, more than ever, understand the risk of Stroke & Cardiovascular Disease. LifeLine Screening offers preventative health screenings for stroke and cardiovascular disease. With 13,000 locations across the United States, LifeLine offers simple, painless, and non-invasive screenings in convenient locations for early detection or peace of mind.


The GIAlife Pendant has been designed as a body-worn, bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday debilitating stress, including energetic stress triggered by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure. Let your Mom experience this gorgeous pendant’s unique energy support qualities, which have already impacted thousands of people’s wellness journeys across the world. I wear mine everywhere!

#8 Vapour Organic Beauty

I LOVE their make-up! Experience your best skin with Vapour’s innovative cosmetics and targeted skincare. Their signature Lit From Within Glow will give you a look and feel of healthy radiance.

Their high-performance formulas blend exceptionally pure organic ingredients with Fine Art Infused Color. Award-winning and cult-worthy, Vapour has a global following among beauty insiders.


Evolv H is your Mom’s destination for Youthful, Gorgeous, Happy & Healthy Hair.

Their innovative clean ingredient formulations offer non-toxic performance like no other.

Free your hair and scalp from chemical filled products. You must get these two products for your Mom!

The Ultra Repair Reconstructing Masque and The InstaVolume Elixir !


“GET YOUR HAPPY BACK” Essential Oil Blend

GET YOUR HAPPY BACK! in roll-on or Pillow Mist.

Filled with 11 essential oils that are Relaxation Inducing, Stress Reducing, Hormone Balancing & Happiness Promoting. All the things your Mom may be craving! Created especially for me by Moodfumes!

So there you have it! The Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts that will have your Mom hugging and kissing you endlessly for your thoughtfulness! You’re welcome! XO

For more awesome (and cool!) gifts for the menopausal woman check out my


Cheers & Love! XO

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