When Menopausal Women Travel Together, Magic Happens

When Menopausal Women Travel Together, Magic Happens

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There is just something wonderful about travel, in general. Add in a group of six menopausal women and a truly memorable and magical time ensues – when women travel together.

You may even live longer.

When it comes to menopause, I often find myself writing about the physical health aspects of this natural phase of a woman’s life. Obviously, our physical health is important. And women should understand that there is no need to suffer from any symptoms of hormone imbalance they may be experiencing.

BUT, having lived through the perimenopause experience, I find myself “on the other side”. The side known as post-menopausal. I can, now, attest to the importance of the “mental” or more directly – the “emotional” aspects of these glorious years. I now understand that this just may be more important, or at least as important, as our physical health.  READ MORE HERE